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How Ridge Wallet Spends Multiple 8 Figures and CONTINUES to Grow

Sean Frank is the Super Senior Executive Wallet Salesman at The Ridge Wallet.

Scaling CBD Brands like a pro with Aaron Nosbisch from Lucyd

Aaron has pursued his intuitive passion for entrepreneurship, marketing, growth, and advertising wholeheartedly since launching his first company, a direct-2-consumer eCommerce clothing line, at the age of 13. After studying Marketing at Palm Beach Atlantic University and Computer Science at Harvard University Extension School, he set down his studies to focus instead on his entrepreneurial ventures. Now 27, Aaron has co-founded and scaled several D2C eCommerce brands to 7 & 8 Figures and is currently Founder & CEO of the leading CBD & Hemp Social Advertising & Creative agency, WeAreLucyd.com

Scaling giveaways with 4Media Marketing and uncovering the real problems clients have

Eddie Maalouf has spent over 100Million on paid advertising to this date. He has been able to work with brands as big as Burger King and has been behind some of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands in the market. His team at 4Media.Marketing has mastered the art of scaling an ecommerce business. From content, ads, emails, and Conversion rates, they have a constant pulse on the market and what is needed to scale revenue for ecommerce brands.

How website personalization can add a 10% lift to your revenue year after year

Andres is the Director of Partnerships at Automat AI, an Ecommerce Specialist and a Growth Hacker.

How a Top Affiliate Network is able to generate $100m in profits EVERY YEAR for product owners and affiliates

The woman running the show at MaxWeb, Anna Gita, is always facing the public, regularly going on podcasts, at meetups, at conferences and making sure she’s there to hear what her affiliates really need.

How Perch has become a leader amongst Amazon Aggregators and acquired over 70+ brands.

Mike is the Head of Advertising at Perch, one of the fastest growing Amazon FBA acquirers and is striving to using advanced Amazon PPC strategies and technology to scale even faster as we aim to build a modern day P&G. Mike works strongly with product development and growth teams.

How Chris "Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad the legendary direct response copywriter has driven over $700 million in online sales

Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad is a legendary direct response copywriter and marketer whose sales letters and VSL’s have driven over $700 Million dollars in online sales (estimated. The actual number may be significantly higher.) In his career as a freelancer, Chris worked with clients such a Jeff Paul, Jeff Walker, Jeff Johnson and many others not named Jeff, often doubling his clients’ conversions through his unique emotional-storytelling-driven approach to copy. A few highlights of Chris’ freelance career include: * Dan Roitman’s “Pimsleur Approach” VSL which remained the unbeatable control for this $100 million a year plus company for over ten years until Dan sold the business. Chris Fox’s “Power 4 Home” VSL. Chris Haddad raised conversions by 70% literally overnight by applying his storytelling magic to this VSL, rocketing “Power 4 Home” to number 1 on Clickbank for over 2 years. Multiple VSLs for Joe Barton’s “Barton Publishing,” bringing Joe’s business from essentially nothing to over $10 million per year. Jay Diebolt’s “Mobile Money Machine’s” which “crushed it” on Clickbank to the tune of tens-of-millions of dollars. And many others he’s not at liberty to share due to NDAs, including multiple Clickbank Number 1’s. In 2009 Chris quit his freelance career to focus his energy on his rapidly growing relationship advice company, Digital Romance, Inc. Under his pseudonym, “Michael Fiore,” Chris appeared on “The Rachael Rae Show” on Valentine’s day, 2010 to promote his “Text The Romance Back” program, as well as a slew of local television markets across the US. (You can see part of his Rachael Rae appearance at the beginning of the VSL you’ll find at http://texttheromanceback.com.) By applying the direct marketing chops he developed “in the trenches” on multiple 7 figure launches and VSL’s, Chris rapidly “took over” the relationship advice niche on Clickbank. Some of the offers Chris and his team developed through Digital Romance, Inc. over the last decade include: * “Text The Romance Back,” which affiliates like Mark Ling says gave him TRIPLE the EPC’s he was used to seeing in that niche up to that point. “Text Your Ex Back,” which was a Clickbank top ten offer for over 5 years. * “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Are Terrified To Tell You” which did over $400,000 in sales in its first week, breaking every record for relationship advice products on Clickbank. * “Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever,” which was almost a “bomb” before Chris rewrote the VSL over the course of 4 hours in his hotel room at Yanik Silver’s “Underground 5,” QUADRUPLING conversions to a whopping 8%. * “Language of Desire” which did well over $500,000 in its first week (once again breaking every record for the niche) and held steady as a Clickbank top 5 for several years. Brad Howard said of “Language of Desire” at the time that he made more promoting LOD to his women’s fitness list than he did for any other offer he had promoted to it ever. * “Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend” which sold over 30,000 copies in its first week, became a Wall Street Journal Best Seller and was the top-selling relationship advice book on Amazon Kindle for over 5 years, tearing that position away from Steve Harvey and never giving it back. You can see Brad’s testimonial as well as many others for “Language of Desire” at http://lod-cash.com Plus more recent offers like “Stroke of Genius” (which regularly provides $3 plus EPC’s for affiliates,) “How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love,” and, of course, “Make Him Worship You” which has driven millions of dollars of sales off freezing cold traffic and shows no signs of slowing down. Chris has been a featured speaker at events including: * Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula Live” where he got a standing ovation for his “Launch Offers That Crush” speech. His performance at this event caused PR agent Imal Wagner to say “I want to put you on TV” leading directly to Chris’ appearance on “The Rachael Rae Show.” Chris’ performance at “PLF Live” was popular enough that Jeff Walker and his staff were forced to carve out time for him at the following year’s conference despite the fact that he was not scheduled to speak. * Tyler Bramlett’s high end Email marketing mastermind. * MANY events for Clickbank. * Affiliate Summit East. * Justin Goff and Stefan Georgi’s “Copy Accelerator Live” two years in a row (and counting.) * Mind Valley’s “Zentrepreneur.” * John Carlton’s “Action Seminar.” And many others he’s forgetting right now. Stefan Georgi, Justin Goff, the guys from Vshred and many other marketers say they “study Chris’ copy obsessively” and can draw a direct line from what they learned from Chris and many millions of dollars in sales. If you want to learn more about Chris and the horrifying health issues that almost killed him and took him out of the marketing industry for several years you can hear the whole story by watching the “If I Wasn’t Rich I’d Be Dead” speech he did at “Copy Accelerator Live.” WARNING: It might make you cry =-) https://www.facebook.com/chris.haddad/videos/10157778377198581

How Skylab Media Scales with Omni-Channel Approaches and the Importance of being able to Pivot the Business

With over six years of direct response and enterprise advertising experience, Casey founded Skylab Media, an omnichannel marketing agency designed to support start-ups and established businesses across many verticals. As a brand partner, Casey’s work has been featured and published in over 10 Facebook case studies. Casey previously worked as a growth advisor for a leading agency located in Hollywood, CA prior to developing Skylab Media. Notable clients include Fresh Clean Tees, Tiger Fitness, Akila, Theragun, Amazing Grass, Trader Joe's, Canva and Sony Pictures.

How did SolarDirect become one of the top lead generators in the nation, generating leads over 100 Million dollars

As President of Solar Direct Marketing and Managing Partner of Encompass Leads, David oversees all lead generation and outbound call campaigns. David's team successfully manages campaigns for dozens of top companies in the following verticals: Solar Energy, De-Regulated Energy, Home Improvement, Health Insurance/Medicare, Merchant Cash Advance, Home Warranty, and others.

How Damien's Infused Traffic ended up making him a MILLION dollars a day

Damien is a Omni Channel Expert Specializing In Helping Coaches, Consultants, & Service Providers Scale Their Brands To Multiple 8 Figures A Year.

How did Doelashes, a startup in the Eyecare space, manage to grow more than 980% in just one year

Jason Wong a managing director with over eight years of brand development, marketing strategy, supply-chain management, global logistics, and e-commerce experience in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, and publishing industries.

How John from TFLeads Scaled up his b2b Agency By adding resource teams to support his clients

John is passionate about partnering with clients looking to grow their businesses. John has been doing marketing/sales/consulting for over 20 years, but he’s always wanted to start his own company and run things his own way and, to that end, received his MBA in 2010. After an educational stint within the startup scene and years of observing the best way to support sales teams, John and his wife, Tasha, founded tfleads in 2014. Tfleads is focused on delivering quality leads to clients and continuously finding new strategies to get results. John considers running this growing company and living in Austin a dream. Outside of work, John loves spending time with the fam and following sports.

How Mark was able to take PayKickStart to $1million ARR and reduce churn like crazy

Mark Thompson is the co-founder of PayKickstart an industry-leading billing and affiliate management platform for subscription-based businesses. Mark loves the subscription-economy and helping startups and mature businesses maximize revenue. As a 10-year online Entrepreneur, he has created sold multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, while generating over $20M dollars online.

How The Snow Agency scales up their DTC partners managing well over $60m/year with KILLER creative

Daniel Snow is CEO and Founder of The Snow Agency, a performance and social media marketing agency that is disrupting the ecommerce landscape for DTC brands. Daniel is a proven expert having launched and scaled numerous viral ecommerce brands himself over the course of 3.5 years, generating over $50M in revenue, without ever receiving funding or a loan. This entrepreneurial foundation is what inspired Daniel to launch The Snow Agency. Having an inherent understanding of what clients want, because he was once in the same position, is the unique perspective that gives The Snow Agency its competitive edge. After spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money on marketing Daniel has experienced the ins and outs of operating a successful ecommerce business and is now focused on bringing this knowledge to his clients. In his role, Daniel sets the strategic priorities for The Snow Agency. Leading his team in constant innovation across content, on-site optimization, search engine marketing and all integral components of growing a brand.

How Zach Moreno and his team were able to make Squadcast the TOP podcast platform

Zach Moreno is the co-founder of SquadCast.fm, a software that records remotely, simplifies editing, and creates engaging podcasts & videos through an intuitive platform that allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere.

How a single ad can scale to $15k+/day in ad spend and create ads that CONVERT

Mike Hill is the President of the Media Management Association. He’s an expert that specializes in copywriter, media buying, and conversions.

How Jonathan from SocialHP is disrupting the LinkedIn Market by using employees to drive organic growth and leads

Jonathan works in an advisory role for SocialHP. With 10 years of experience at Linkedin serving customers like Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson&Johnson, PepsiCo, Hershey's and IBM amongst others. He is highly skilled in Social Sharing best practices, utilizing a data driven approach to develop an evergreen marketing channel for clients. He is an expert in social media recruitment, sales and marketing strategies.

How to win BIG with sponsors and how they drive leads like crazy featuring JC Hite

JC Hite is the founder and CEO of Hite International, a holding company focused on marketing & communications around the world, and Hite Digital, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the U.S. He is committed to creating 1,000 jobs by helping digital marketing agencies scale.

How James Yun Spends $50k A Day As A Top Affiliate For DigiStore

James Yun is an affiliate marketer who works within multiple networks. He spends $50k-$100k/day CRUSHING affiliate offers and scales them to the moon. We also have one of his affiliate managers at Digistore24, Iman, to fill us in on all the hot affiliate topics.

How Viscap Media creates UGC Content at scale for 7-10 figure brands that CONVERT

Cody Iverson is CEO and Co-Founder of Viscap Media. Inspired by his grandpa who started and built his own successful business, Cody started his first business in 2016. In 2017 with his partner Tyler they created their first ecom store which generated multiple 6 figures by the 2nd month. Cody immediately reinvested into his team, himself and elite masterminds like the WarRoom. By 2019 Cody & Tyler had successfully launched and scaled multiple 7 figure brands. Cody has developed skills in management, leadership, operations, digital marketing and direct response copywriting throughout his career and values putting the customer experience and satisfaction first.

How Jaxxon is able to spend $20-$50k/day SLANGING Jewelry and disrupting the market

Josh is 27, California, ecomm, business builder, team-forward, just trying to make the most of this life we got.

Interview with a 10 year marketing analytics and attribution veteran

Entrepreneur and data geek. Founder and CEO of DataSong (sold to Neustar)

How the Data Scientist behind Tatari.TV is Able to Spend $100m+ Every Year on TV ADS

Employee #1 at Tatari. It makes me so proud to see us grow like wildfire. 140+ employees (mostly data scientists & engineers), 3 offices (SF, LA, NYC), 200+ clients, and we've done it all with our own profits. So much more to come.

How Sabah Helps Coaches and Consultants Geneterate 50k in just 20 days all through organic marketing.

Sabah Ali is the Founder of Brands That Sell, she is a coach, 2 time TEDx speaker, best selling author, and on a mission to help coaches scale their business past 6 figures. Known for her branding work, she has helped passionate business owners clarify their message and story to attract more clients and gain authority by organic marketing strategies and personal branding. Sabah’s work has been featured on publications such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX News.

6+ Figures from SMS Campaigns: Ben Vandal on Creating Urgency, Testing Offers, And Ad Types That Work

Ben Vandal is the CMO at Constantly Varied Gear, a socially conscious fitness apparel brand also offering fitness programming, a health and wellness podcast, and a community of badass supportive women.

Max Bidna on Why Web Optimization is Vital for Ads, How to Bring Down CPL Cost and What it Means To Scale Campaigns the Right Way

Max Bidna is the Co-Founder of Hell’s Creative, a New York based Growth Marketing Agency designed for Series A start-ups and beyond. He played a direct role in the growth of over 200 companies and continues doing so daily through his advertising agency, angel investing, & advisory work.

Nate, The Dr. of Marketing, on building a 7 Figure Business In The Pandemic, Lead Gen Funnels, and Fine Tuning Offers

Nate Kennedy is a digital marketer and creator of the Celebrity Effect. He specializes in business growth strategy and brand development. Nate helps each one of his clients create a customized plan aimed at increasing company awareness and sales, both in and out of the digital sphere.

$50 Million per Year on Youtube: Ian Nagy on VSLs, Creating Cheap Content and Building Teams

Ian Nagy is the Co-Founder of VidTao, a Free Software for tracking top-performing YouTube Ads. He’s also Co-Founder of Inceptly, a Youtube Advertising Agency that offers Done-for-You YouTube Services for D2C Brands.

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