How The Snow Agency scales up their DTC partners managing well over $60m/year with KILLER creative

Daniel Snow is CEO and Founder of The Snow Agency, a performance and social media marketing agency that is disrupting the ecommerce landscape for DTC brands. Daniel is a proven expert having launched and scaled numerous viral ecommerce brands himself over the course of 3.5 years, generating over $50M in revenue, without ever receiving funding or a loan. This entrepreneurial foundation is what inspired Daniel to launch The Snow Agency. Having an inherent understanding of what clients want, because he was once in the same position, is the unique perspective that gives The Snow Agency its competitive edge. After spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money on marketing Daniel has experienced the ins and outs of operating a successful ecommerce business and is now focused on bringing this knowledge to his clients. In his role, Daniel sets the strategic priorities for The Snow Agency. Leading his team in constant innovation across content, on-site optimization, search engine marketing and all integral components of growing a brand.
How creating custom content and landers for different buyer personas have changed the game at scale.
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