How Chris "Mr. Moneyfingers" Haddad the legendary direct response copywriter has driven over $700 million in online sales

Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad is a legendary direct response copywriter and marketer whose sales letters and VSL’s have driven over $700 Million dollars in online sales (estimated. The actual number may be significantly higher.) In his career as a freelancer, Chris worked with clients such a Jeff Paul, Jeff Walker, Jeff Johnson and many others not named Jeff, often doubling his clients’ conversions through his unique emotional-storytelling-driven approach to copy. A few highlights of Chris’ freelance career include: * Dan Roitman’s “Pimsleur Approach” VSL which remained the unbeatable control for this $100 million a year plus company for over ten years until Dan sold the business. Chris Fox’s “Power 4 Home” VSL. Chris Haddad raised conversions by 70% literally overnight by applying his storytelling magic to this VSL, rocketing “Power 4 Home” to number 1 on Clickbank for over 2 years. Multiple VSLs for Joe Barton’s “Barton Publishing,” bringing Joe’s business from essentially nothing to over $10 million per year. Jay Diebolt’s “Mobile Money Machine’s” which “crushed it” on Clickbank to the tune of tens-of-millions of dollars. And many others he’s not at liberty to share due to NDAs, including multiple Clickbank Number 1’s. In 2009 Chris quit his freelance career to focus his energy on his rapidly growing relationship advice company, Digital Romance, Inc. Under his pseudonym, “Michael Fiore,” Chris appeared on “The Rachael Rae Show” on Valentine’s day, 2010 to promote his “Text The Romance Back” program, as well as a slew of local television markets across the US. (You can see part of his Rachael Rae appearance at the beginning of the VSL you’ll find at By applying the direct marketing chops he developed “in the trenches” on multiple 7 figure launches and VSL’s, Chris rapidly “took over” the relationship advice niche on Clickbank. Some of the offers Chris and his team developed through Digital Romance, Inc. over the last decade include: * “Text The Romance Back,” which affiliates like Mark Ling says gave him TRIPLE the EPC’s he was used to seeing in that niche up to that point. “Text Your Ex Back,” which was a Clickbank top ten offer for over 5 years. * “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Are Terrified To Tell You” which did over $400,000 in sales in its first week, breaking every record for relationship advice products on Clickbank. * “Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever,” which was almost a “bomb” before Chris rewrote the VSL over the course of 4 hours in his hotel room at Yanik Silver’s “Underground 5,” QUADRUPLING conversions to a whopping 8%. * “Language of Desire” which did well over $500,000 in its first week (once again breaking every record for the niche) and held steady as a Clickbank top 5 for several years. Brad Howard said of “Language of Desire” at the time that he made more promoting LOD to his women’s fitness list than he did for any other offer he had promoted to it ever. * “Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend” which sold over 30,000 copies in its first week, became a Wall Street Journal Best Seller and was the top-selling relationship advice book on Amazon Kindle for over 5 years, tearing that position away from Steve Harvey and never giving it back. You can see Brad’s testimonial as well as many others for “Language of Desire” at Plus more recent offers like “Stroke of Genius” (which regularly provides $3 plus EPC’s for affiliates,) “How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love,” and, of course, “Make Him Worship You” which has driven millions of dollars of sales off freezing cold traffic and shows no signs of slowing down. Chris has been a featured speaker at events including: * Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula Live” where he got a standing ovation for his “Launch Offers That Crush” speech. His performance at this event caused PR agent Imal Wagner to say “I want to put you on TV” leading directly to Chris’ appearance on “The Rachael Rae Show.” Chris’ performance at “PLF Live” was popular enough that Jeff Walker and his staff were forced to carve out time for him at the following year’s conference despite the fact that he was not scheduled to speak. * Tyler Bramlett’s high end Email marketing mastermind. * MANY events for Clickbank. * Affiliate Summit East. * Justin Goff and Stefan Georgi’s “Copy Accelerator Live” two years in a row (and counting.) * Mind Valley’s “Zentrepreneur.” * John Carlton’s “Action Seminar.” And many others he’s forgetting right now. Stefan Georgi, Justin Goff, the guys from Vshred and many other marketers say they “study Chris’ copy obsessively” and can draw a direct line from what they learned from Chris and many millions of dollars in sales. If you want to learn more about Chris and the horrifying health issues that almost killed him and took him out of the marketing industry for several years you can hear the whole story by watching the “If I Wasn’t Rich I’d Be Dead” speech he did at “Copy Accelerator Live.” WARNING: It might make you cry =-)
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