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The Health and Wellness Affiliate Pro Carter York Dives in to Generating over $8 Million in Sales in 2020

From selling newspaper and waiting tables, Carter changed his whole career path diving into the affiliate world. In 2020 he had generated well over $8 million in sales in the health and wellness realm. Today we dive into exactly how he did it and what was needed.

How Mikael obtained 150k FREE users to scale up his business Funnelytics

"Mikael Dia is a digital marketing expert and founder of Funnelytics, a software company helping entrepreneurs and marketers convert traffic into more profit. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale their business in a faster and more efficient way, Mikael developed a simple, visual tool for entrepreneurs and marketers to understand the numbers in their marketing at a glance in order to easily fix the holes and optimize what’s working.

How ONE Ad Brought in $600k for 20 of Holistic Media's Chiropractic Clients

Caleb Hodges is a veteran of online marketing with millions of sales produced for his clients. With 7 figure launches, winning evergreen campaigns, and hundreds of thousands of Facebook ad spend under his belt - he is now focusing on his passion: Helping holistic practices prosper by connecting them with new patients every week. He has worked with Dr. Axe, 10x Doctor, Health Experts Alliance, The Points Guy, The Foundation, and many others.

Master Copywriter Dane Dives into how he crafts copy that converts like CRAZY

Head Honcho at The Foundation and master copywriter who helps partners surrender their ego.

How affiliate king Robby Blanchard is able to spend $60k+/day on affiliate offers

Owner of Blanchard Media where we run Facebook, Native and Youtube advertising for businesses. #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the World and creator of Commission Hero.

Scaling and Selecting MONSTER Affiliate Offers to get MONSTER returns with Sean Khang.

We have who some call the Yoda of Internet Marketing here today. We dive into his start in the affiliate world. How he selects specific offers. And how he is able to generate well over $10 million in sales yearly with different offers. We also chat on how he interchanges credit cards to avoid 0 issues which is a GOLDMIND for other affiliate marketers.

How Jared found an AWESOME tax strategy where he was able to get back a TON through R&D

Jared and Alana have been successful ""Fampretreneurs"" for over 13 years. Happily married for the last 15 years, with two children (Malachi who is 9, and Eli who is 4) they live and work in Orange County California. Their son Malachi (9) is on the autism spectrum, which has made their lives both more challenging and much richer! Jared and Alana both have their business marketing degrees (with a minor in the Bible), they first met at the Biola University cafeteria when Alana spilled salad in Jared's lap!

How Brennan KILLS it with his 3 print on demand brands and how they scale well over 6/figures a month

Brennan Agranoff, 18, is a senior at Sherwood High School in Sherwood, Oregon finishing up senior year and graduating in June 2018. Brennan has been quoted and published in several national and international media outlets including CNN, The New York Times, and US News for his entrepreneurial advocacy. Brennan was named the 2017 Baylor Teen Entrepreneur of the year for his work on his first company HoopSwagg. Agranoff has been founding companies since the age of seven but officially launched his first business, HoopSwagg, in 2013. He has since grown the business into seven-figure sales in only four years. Agranoff is pursuing different career opportunities in the future.

How Vinnie crafts perfect internal processes to make sure his teams succeed

Internal processes NEEDED to scale your teams

How Kevin is able to generate MILLIONS in revenue for clients through compelling creative

I'm extremely passionate about producing quality video content for businesses nationwide. I am outgoing and very easy to work with and also LOVE working with people. I am currently the owner of Video Builders, a global provider of high-end video content. We produce videos for marketing purposes, corporate clients, TV commercials, testimonials, product sales, speaking events, trade-shows, training and orientation. (Striving to produce anything but your typical boring corporate video.) I'm also available as a freelance Videographer.

How Colette Managed To Spend $500k in ONE DAY

CEO, Lightning AI: Using AI to automate advertising on FB & Google. Reinvent growth through data science. Build amazing companies. Constantly be challenged.

The Story Behind Generating Over $100m In Sales for Subscription Boxes

Key Take Aways: Ever wonder how subscription companies generate over $100m in sales? Let's ask Paul! We dive into how he crafts subscription boxes and how he creates compelling offers ready for scale. How a big $250k mess revolved all around traffic. The importance of understanding the logistics vs marketing.

Find the EXACT Formula Josh Uses To Consistently Get 6-7x For His Clients.

Key Take-Aways: Learn the EXACT ARM5 Ad Program that Josh uses to consistently generate 5-6x your ad spend. How to identify bottlenecks in funnels and how to optimize. Why keeping multiple lines of credit is a POWER MOVE for when you need to scale.

To Scale or Not To Scale. How To Get Your Business Predicatable and Scalable.

Key Take Aways: How to find your ideal target audience as fast as lightning. How to create solid ads with relevant copy and creative. Why you SHOULDN'T jump the gun early to scale. The cash flow hack Adam uses to be more considerate and careful with ad budgets.

Boost Your Conversion Rate Like a Pro With Dennis from liverecover.com

Dennis Hegstad - co-founder @LiveRecover - SMS abandoned cart recovery powered by humans

How To Create A High Ticket Webinar Funnel That Generates 4x with Joel

Ever wonder what it takes to have a high converting webinar for high ticket offers? Well good news for you! Joel is the head honcho at The Webinar Agency who focuses on webinars for their clients. With multiple of his clients generating well over a 4x return, this one is one you DON'T want to miss!

Let's Level Up Your Copywriting Game with Copy Legend, Jason Hornung

Looking to step up your copywriting game? BUCKLE UP BABY! Jason is a legend when it comes to writing copy and goes in depth on his course and some actionable takeaways you can implement for your business today.

Collaboration vs Competetion. Find Out How David Has Been Able To Generate Over $250 MILLION In Sales for Clients

After building multiple 8 figure brands, David chats on what made his ads so effective and RICH even with massive budgets. We also chat on the importance of company culture and collaborating with partners to get you to the next level personally and business wise.

Wondering How To Advertise For High End Luxury Brands? Find Out With Zarak!

We dive into the high ticket luxury industry with Zarak who spends 7m+ every year for his clients. We check out his BEST ads and WORST ads and why they made it or broke it!

Creating Winning Ad Templates With OG Advertiser Rory Stern

Ever wonder what kind of ad templates set the biggest brands up for success? Tune in as we have Rory Stern as we dive into his MASSIVE accounts on how he tests different copy angles to really draw out quality traffic that converts.

How Eric Built DTC Podcast with MEAN Authority and How They Are Monetizing It

We dive into THE premier newsletter for DTC biz's. Pilouthouse also manages like 25m/year. We dive into his podcast and what makes it successful, how he developes content that converts. How his old business got vaught up by spending too much on guests for events. We also dive into building equity with a partner vs going on and taking exisiting equity. Super interesting concept.

Fetch & Funnel Founder Samir Dives Into What It's Like To Spend $100m+ In 2020.

After spending $100m+ a year, we dive into the exact strategies Samir uses for his clients to scale them rapidly across Facebook, IG, and YouTube. We dive into one of his brands Summerboard and how creating a financing option was the push needed to take them to the next level.

Tune In As Keith Krance Dives In On How He Creates Everlasting Ads That Work Across All Channels

Ever wonder what it takes to have an everlasting ad you can use for months on end across multiple channels? Tune in as we dive into the exact formula Keith uses for his business as well as his clients to generate well over 7 figures.

Partnership Pro Ron Lynch Chats On Generating $4 Billion+ In Sales For The Brands He Works With.

We dive into a DEEP conversation with Ron Lynch on how he was able to generate over $4 billion in sales for the brands he's worked with. How he was able to form partnerships with massive brands like GoPro. And how he's changing the world in 2020 creating Intellihelp, a group of 80k people across 8 continents by creating a support system.

How Jeff Lerner Profitably Spends $1.5 Million/Month With Some EPIC Upsells

On this episode of the Rich Ad Poor Ad Podcast, we have Jeff Lerner the CEO and Founder of Entre. We dive into his $1.5 million dollar monthly spend and how he made the change to do things that really matters to him. We also dive into his book funnel, how he disqualifies leads, and creates strategic upsells. And to add the icing on the cake, we chat on relationship marketing and the importance in todays world of digital marketing.

YouTube OG TommieTraffic Reveals the Secrets of Return on Ad Spend and Start Up Success

Make way for Tommie Powers, YouTube ad OG and the founder of Tommie Traffic, a data-driven digital agency, where he manages over $15M million a year in media, across YouTube, Google, and Facebook.

Jeff Hunter Talks About His 27M TikTok View Rampage and Remote Team Success Strategies

Jeff J Hunter is the founder of VA Staffer, a 100+ team virtual assistant staffing agency that helps entrepreneurs and startups build and scale remote teams to dominate their brand category. Creator of the CORE Branding Method, host of the 'Savage Marketer Podcast,’ he is also the Chief Growth Officer of Branded Media. Past positions include Project Manager III at Healthcare IT, Philips Electronics. Information Technology Coordinator for the Jefferson School District. A graduate of the California State University Stanislaus, he earned a BS/BA in Business, Computer Information Systems, Marketing, and Operations.

How Kyree Oliver Gets Inside the Mind of Consumers and Cements Client Relationships

Today we’re playing head games with info-product promoter Kyree Oliver who manages $15M/year for 7 to 8 clients at his agency, Influkz Interactive where he loves to get inside the minds of consumers.

Webinar Wizard Sam Bell Talks Funnels, Launch/Scale Spends & Payback-Period Profit Strategies

Step into the studio with Sam Bell of Sam Bell Marketing where we’ll turn up the heat on a discussion about the pros and cons of the webinar funnels he does for clients spending $30k to $50k/month and how he manages roughly $500/month for his agency.

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